Behavioral Restraints

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Orders are single orders, time limited and must be renewed as needed


  1. Physician's Order
    1. Has to be placed immediately.
  2. Initiate Care Plans
    1. Adhoc ED Risk of Violence Care Plan
  3. Initiate Assessments
    1. Adhoc SADs Person Scale
    2. Need of Restraint Assessment
  4. Assign a Sitter


Reassessments every hour until restraints are off

Order Durations

Age Range Period
Adults over 18 4 hours
Age 9 to 17 2 hours
Children under 9 1 hour


Can nurses place order for doctors

  • No, nurses are not allowed to place restraint orders for MDs

Do we still have an hour to get order placed?

  • No, nurse need to ask doctor to evaluate patient and place restraint orders after restraints are placed.

Can we do trial off

  • No, restraints are either on or off. Placing back restraints needs to be reordered.